A Fascinating Journey into Melbourne: The Top Attractions and Sights in Southbank

A Fascinating Journey into Melbourne: The Top Attractions and Sights in Southbank

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As you might expect, tourism levels oscillate from season to season, but Melbourne averages roughly 4.8 million overnight visitors per month.

This striking figure has enabled Melbourne to become the most frequented city in all of Australia – both in terms of transnational travellers and domestic denizens – though it’s important to note that the area just south of Melbourne’s business district is definitely the place to be.

Southbank – The Cultural Capital of Victoria

Southbank might only be home to about 18,000 people, but for what it lacks in terms of population density, the area more than makes up in opulence, energy, enlightenment, and affluence. As such, any journey to Australia wouldn’t be whole without a multi-night stay in Southbank, so let’s peek behind the scenes and evaluate the top draws in this bustling neighbourhood:

  • Crown Melbourne: This expansive multiplex is home to an eclectic casino, cutting-edge theatre facility, scenic health club, and dozens of high-end restaurants. The primary crowd-puller is the casino because it is not only notorious for being the most massive facility in the entire Southern Hemisphere, but you’ll also be able to engage in lavish shopping, discothèque outings, live shows, and a multitude of other elating activities.
  • Eureka Tower: Construction of the Eureka Tower was completed in late 2006, and it immediately became the tallest Australian viewing platform available to the public. This state-of-the-art building scrapes the clouds at nearly 300 metres tall, and it features an awe-inspiring, translucent viewing cube that extends more than three metres over the threshold of the structure.
  • National Gallery of Victoria: With upwards of 65,000 artistic exhibits covering centuries of imaginative creations from some of history’s most esteemed painters and sculptors, the NGV represents the zenith of sophistication and refinement.
  • Yarra River: Whether you wish to stroll up and down the bustling waterfront or arrange a floating dinner tour with your companions, the Yarra River is a go-to destination for those who wish to experience open-air Melbourne in all of its grandeur and majesty.

It’s virtually impossible to delineate all of the sights, sites, and sounds of Southbank, which is why the best course of action is to simply dive headfirst into the area and immerse yourself in the jungle of commotion and entertainment.

Ascertaining the Ideal Lodging Option

If you’re prepared to establish your accommodation in Southbank, Melbourne, you’ll want to direct your attention towards the Leisure Precinct and hone in on a full-service apartment along the aforementioned Yarra River.

This luxurious alcove offers a myriad of plush, upscale housing options for both short-term and extended stays, all of which are self-contained, fully furnished, and remarkably well-appointed.

For every Melbourne-bound family unit, corporate group, wedding party, or independent jetsetter, the Southbank excursion of your dreams is yours for the taking, so feel free to begin coordinating your journey with a dignified luxury accommodation syndicate today.

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