Cycling in the Dark? Let us Show you the Light(s)

Cycling in the Dark? Let us Show you the Light(s)

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Cycling safety is an important topic with us. During the day, polarized sunglasses cut glare so you can see the road ahead more clearly, cycling sunglasses also offer protection from the wind and prescription glasses help us see. But, at night, road safety takes on a very different complexion. It’s not just about seeing, it’s about being seen by drivers, other cyclists and pedestrians. According to the CTC, the UK’s National Cyclists’ organisation, both front and rear lights are required after sunset or in conditions like fog or rain that impair visibility. The front lamp must be white, and the rear one must be red. Rear and pedal reflectors are also required. With winter cyclists in mind, here’s our list of fully approved cycle lights to help you stay safe this winter.

Rechargeable lights
A good choice for commuter and road riders, these lights are an investment, but that a good thing. Evan’s has a wide range in stock. And, with their reviewing system, you can see what other customers think of the products.

Battery Lights
A solid and cost-effective option. Again, Evan’s offers a wide selection at different prices for both front and rear lamps. Some models have LED technology for longer lasting battery power. The Cycle Store also has a good selection. Or, visit CatEye for more information on specific products.

The Green Option
The Cycle Store carries Reelight – a set of both front and rear lights that are powered by magnets attached to the spokes of your bicycle. When you’re pedalling the light stays on – and for several minutes after you’ve stopped.

Make sure any light you put on your bike meets all British and European Union standards.

Jim Ruby

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