How important is lubrication for sex?

How important is lubrication for sex?

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Too many people rely on the body’s natural responses for good sex. But insufficient lubrication can cause pain and make for uncomfortable sex.

It is safe to say that sex makes the world go round. Young or old, man or woman, everybody needs to have good sex to lead a fulfilled life.

But though everybody does it, there are some fundamental aspects of it that sometimes go ignored. Take the matter of lubrication, for example. Most couples trust that with enough foreplay will ensure that both the man and woman are sufficiently wet to carry on with penetrative sex. But sometimes the body may not respond with enough natural lubrication, and sex can become uncomfortable. It is always better to have a bottle of lube handy for comfortable sex.

Who needs lube?

Everybody needs it at some point during sex. People often believe that only women need lube, and this may be partly true. Unless the woman is sufficiently lubricated, penetration can become painful and even impossible. However, lube can be used even by men – smearing some on the penis prior to inserting into the vagina can ensure a smooth entry. It is an added element instead of depending only on pre-cum to assist in entry.

However, lube cannot substitute other acts during sex that cause arousal, like foreplay. Both partners must be sufficiently turned on to ensure that they enjoy the sexual experience a lot. Using a lubricant is only one part of the sexual act.

How to use lube

Lubricants can be oil- or water-based, though the latter are more preferred since they do not affect the performance of condoms. Oil-based lubricants are known to tear condoms, which is counterproductive to the practice of safe sex.

The lubricating fluid can also perform the function of creating new and exciting sensations during sex. For example, a lube may create tingling sensations on application to cause greater arousal. Or another might give a warming sensation for a more comfortable experience. A good lube does not cause any digestive problems, so it is safe for oral sex as well.

  • Take a dollop of the lube on your fingertip, and apply it to the outer and inner vaginal lips. Men can apply it on the head of the penis. Wait for a while before you start sex. A good lubricant can keep you going for about 30 minutes, but you can apply more during sex.
  • Depending on the type of lube, you can even apply it on other areas of the body. It can be applied on the breasts, on the inner thighs, at the back of the knees, the fold of skin under the buttocks, etc.
  • If you or your partner use a vibrator, you can smear some lubricant on the vibrator head for a wonderful sensation.
  • Lubricants can also be used during a sensual massage.
  • Wash yourself clean after sex, and also the sex toys that you have used lube on, to prevent any infections.
  • You can buy a good water-based lube from a leading company. The packaging is discreet, and it is delivered to the privacy of your home.

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