How to pick the right dress Online

How to pick the right dress Online

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It’s about the fit, fabric and style – but shopping for the right dress online isn’t the toughest job in the world.

From time immemorial, women have dressed to impress the world. Not only does dressing appropriately and stylishly create a good first impression, it also makes you feel more confident about yourself. Besides, it’s such a high when your outfit and accessories turn heads and make people stop conversing just to get a good look at you!

But dressing right is all about juggling a lot of different factors. For starters, you have to buy the right dress for your body type. Then the fit has to be just right – no awkward bulges or pinching anywhere, please! Then the fabric has to be appropriate for the weather. And of course, the price must not burn a hole through your pocket.

You can tick off all these boxes when you buy dresses online. It’s all a matter of having the right shopping app at hand and understanding which kind of dress looks best with you, and what is trendy at the moment. We’ve compiled an easy guide for you to pick the perfect dresses online:

* Know your body type. The first thing to do before you start buying dresses online, is to be certain about your body type. You can be apple shaped, pear shaped, hourglass, rhomboid or rectangular. Picking dresses as per your body type, taking care to pick prints with the right amount of embellishment that flatters instead of points out flaws, is most important. Dressing as per what’s currently cool but which does not suit your shape is a big mistake.

* Pick weather-friendly fabrics. Now that you know your body type and its measurements, it’s time to select season-friendly fabrics and cuts in dresses online. With the summer out in force, cotton, khadi and georgette are good options to try. These fabrics allow the skin to breathe and absorb sweat rapidly. Stay away from thick denim, woollens and silk in the summer season.

* Check the size guide. When picking dresses online, it is important to study the size guide provided alongside the dress’s illustration. The size guide gives measurements for the shoulders, bust, waist and hips in both inches and centimetres. You can pick the right size basis your own vital stats, but if there is a mismatch between the bust/waist size on the dress and your actual measurements, it is better to go with the bigger measurement.

* Check the app for matching accessories. Now that you have found the perfect set of dresses online, it is time to get accessories that match. Look out for the season’s newest styles in shoes, bags, jewellery, makeup and skin care products. Also look for hairstyling products and hair care lotions and serums.

Summer is all about laidback days and fun evenings. Make sure your wardrobe is up to the task!

Jim Ruby

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