How to Properly Remove Graffiti from the Walls

How to Properly Remove Graffiti from the Walls

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Graffiti on the walls of the building can really affect the curb appeal of a place. If the exterior walls of your house have been vandalised by someone else, you should think about taking action right away. In most cases, graffiti is generally found on commercial or public assets, such as the walls of a public building or even a park. Mostly, vandals have free license to create whatever type of design that they want, especially when they start painting the graffiti hidden from the public. They might create some strange design, or they may write a message on the walls.

Either way, the graffiti on the walls will greatly affect the aesthetic appeal of the building, and it will distract people, as well. Now, a number of studies have shown that if the graffiti is removed as soon as possible, many vandals will not repaint over it. Most vandals who paint on the walls and post graffiti usually look for places where their work will remain on display for a larger period of time, thus helping them become more popular. However, if they notice that the graffiti is removed immediately after a few days once it comes to someone’s attention, they are definitely going to look for another place.

Removing graffiti from the walls is not as easy as it looks. Instead of trying to paint over the graffiti paint job yourself, it’s recommended that you contact a professional company such as Graffiti Wipeout to assist you with the process. The company is one of the most respectable service providers in this industry, and they make it easy for you to get rid of the damage to the property very quickly. Here are a few things that you should know about removing graffiti from the walls of a building.


As soon as you notice the graffiti on the walls, you should call a professional graffiti removal expert right away. The company will visit your house quickly and then determine a few things, such as the surface on which the graffiti was posted, as well as the paints used in the process. This will make it easier for them to determine how the graffiti will be removed and the amount of effort involved. This will make it easier for them to give you a quote of how much they will charge for removing the graffiti from the walls.

Quick Action

As mentioned above, it’s imperative that you take action quickly if you want to get rid of the graffiti. If you leave it on the walls for longer periods of time, the vandals will realise that the message sticks, and they will continue to paint on it again and again. It’s recommended that you take action as quickly as possible so that the graffiti is removed from the walls and the walls are returned back to their original condition. The importance of taking timely action is crucial if you want to get rid of the graffiti permanently.

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