How to Select the Right Options for Your New Car?

How to Select the Right Options for Your New Car?

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Any car that you can find in the market have many different options. There can be variation between brand to brand and type of cars etc. Some cars may use very high technology by using camera and sensors etc.

You can have as many options as you can as long as you can afford to pay its price. You can also get better resale value if you choose better options. If you decide to buy any new Mercedes then it will certainly be very high priced however when you decide to sell it then you will find many customers too.

Following are few options that can make your car more attractive and boost your chances to get good resale value.

  • Air condition

Air conditioning is a necessity for many car users. Not only it can cool your interiors during summers but also help you to keep your inside frost and mist free during winters.

  • Metallic paint

Nowadays most of the buyers prefer metallic paints and the resale value of your car can certainly improve this option.

  • Built in sat navigation

This was very expensive option about few years back however nowadays everyone prefers to have this facility in their car.

  • Leather seats

It is worth paying its cost as it will last longer as compared to fabrics and more comfort that it can offer to the passengers. If you are suffering from dust then this is a better option.

  • Automatic gearbox

No doubt that automatic gearbox will make your car little more expensive however at the same time you will find many who will be ready to its price too.

  • Parking sensors

Particularly if your car is of large size then you must surely take this option. In few cars there are audio visual warnings available. This option can certainly increase your resale value.

Few other additional options

There are few other options which will not necessarily give you more resale value, but they are worth having

  • Stereo system

This will help you to listen music while driving and keep you entertained

  • Upgraded mirror and seats

These electrically controlled option is nice to have however if you are the sole driver then there is no need

  • Electric sunroofs

This is a great option particularly for summer days.

  • Mobile phone technology

Many cars offer Bluetooth options in the car however such technology changes so fast and hence you may not get any extra value.

  • Cruise control

This is another useful option that reduces strain during long journey

Therefore, you select your car with the above options in mind

Jim Ruby

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