Need the best wedding caterer? Follow these simple tips!

Need the best wedding caterer? Follow these simple tips!

Need the best wedding caterer? Follow these simple tips!

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Planning your own wedding can be a confusing affair. After all, there’s a lot to be considered. A substantial part of your wedding budget goes into catering, which is why you need to be careful with the basics. The first part is about selecting a wedding catering service. Here are some quick things to note.

Start with a list

  1. What’s the theme of your wedding? It may have an impact on the menu options.
  2. What’s the final budget? This is the maximum amount you can afford.
  3. What are your preferences? You may want a few custom items on the menu.
  4. Do you need passed appetizers and dessert stations? Additional things can increase the prices.
  5. What’s the headcount? The cost per plate can reduce considerably for large events.
  6. Do you have references? If you have recommendations for caterers, consider using those.
  7. Do you have enough time before the wedding? If yes, you can compare your options better.                                      

Discuss things in detail

Wedding caterers will typically take care of everything, right from the setup, buffet arrangements, serving, alcohol sections, and clean up. However, this largely depends on the kind of arrangement or contract you have with them. Some venues do not allow outside caterers, so confirm that first. It is also important that you discuss your requirements with the caterer in detail. Some of them may have fixed menus, but every aspect can be customized to meet your needs. Also, don’t shy away from seeking discounts – caterers may offer better deals for bigger contracts.

Important aspects to note

Unless you have a huge budget, avoid going for exotic dishes that required imported ingredients or a long cooking process. Insist on getting fresh, seasonal and local produce for the menu. Talk to the caterer about what they can arrange and how quick they can get things ready. Professional wedding caterers can serve about 100 guests in 30 minutes or so. Also, do ask for a sampling session. Caterers often charge additionally for this, but it is wise to pay that extra.

Also, don’t settle for just meats and seafood. Many people are going vegan, so having a mix is always recommended. As for bar services, you need to check if the caterer is licensed for that. Their servers should be trained and experienced, and if possible, always check the arrangements a couple of hours ahead of the main event.

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