Revamp your Austin home with window solar screens from J P Hobbs!

Revamp your Austin home with window solar screens from J P Hobbs!

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Texas sun can be harsh on your home, and simply window solutions hardly do the job.  J P Hobbs, Inc  – a renowned company Cedar Park solar screens and specialized outdoor patios – brings a range of solutions that promise to block sun effectively and within your budget. The company, which has been around for more than a decade understands the needs of Texas people and brings comprehensive services for residential and commercial needs.

Why go for window solar screens?

Solar screens are one of the best solutions and options to prevent harsh Texas sun from entering the house. The experts of agree that solar screens help commercial and residential setups in many ways. First and foremost, you will have added privacy, and the fabric is such that you can have a decent view of the exteriors. At the same time, the solar screens prevent the windows from heating up, and therefore, the heat transfer inside the room is limited. Owing to minimum sunlight and heat entering the room, the air-conditioning systems don’t need to work at the peak, which is certainly an added advantage and increases efficiency of the unit. Not to forget, you will also save considerably on heating costs and energy bills.

Why J P Hobbs?

J P Hobbs offers 100% USA-made solar screens, which are resistant to hail and pets. The overall system and clutches are designed for durability, and with basic care, you can expect the investment to last for at least a few years. As far as costing goes, the company has a simple calculator on their website, which can be used for getting a rough estimate on Round Rock solar screens. There are many factors that may determine the price like

  • Number of windows for which solar screens are required
  • The need for additional insect screens
  • Number of arched windows
  • What kind of fabric you prefer

The estimate you get from J P Hobbs is an inclusive one that covers all the aspects, including an inspection for measurements, cost of materials, the cost of manufacturing custom screens, installation, and applicable taxes. The company ensures that the process is extremely simple, and customers don’t need to worry about hidden costs at any point. For solar screens, they have two major choices – 90% and 80% fabric. The 90% solar screen fabric is obviously better, but if you have a doubt, the company can send in their experts, who can suggest all the right things.

Get better deals and offers

If you choose to order outdoor sun shades and window solar screens together, you can even get to match the finish to perfection. The materials used for both are the same, and therefore, it is possible to get an identical finish. J P Hobbs also offers promotional deals and discounts on their website, and you can find couple codes that can assure a quick rebate on your order. Call the company directly to know more on solar screens along with details of warranty.

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