The Best Technology Advances

The Best Technology Advances

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At times, technology innovation is slow but bolts like a rocket at other times. There are a lot of things happening currently technologically and are pushing the envelope and giving products of consumers a future. This exciting thing is happening with scientists, entrepreneurs, and technologists. Ranging from crucial environmental technology to fly cars, below are some of the best technology advances so far.


This is a novel project of Elon Musk. It more ambitious than commercial space flight as it aims at developing brain implants for merging artificial intelligence with human brains. The grand pursuits of the firm range from helping individuals with severe injuries to the brain to promising telepathic communication. Musk claims that everybody will look for these implants in the next ten years.

The interesting aspect is that he is never afraid to express concerns on the future of artificial intelligence. The interest of Musk of putting power inside the brain is his own way of making sure that it is done responsibly. For sure, it is going to be a great thing for the future.

Kitty Hawk flying

There is a flying prototype that is not a car. Despite the headlines, this automotive technology never claims to be a flying car. It is, instead, an electric personal flying vehicle with the ability to float on water. This scenario is something that is limited but the aspect of flying is the one that is really exciting. This vehicle already has the required certification and the firm says that you only need a few minutes to fly it. The company also has legitimate support from the founder of Google Larry Page.

Turning pollution into power

This idea of solving power generation and air pollution problem is a technology piece that is quite interesting. Belgium researchers possess a technological process which manages to carry out these things simultaneously. It allows hydrogen to undergo storage and then be utilized as fuel. It used a device that has two rooms with a membrane separation. Its catalysts have the ability to produce hydrogen that breaks air pollution down. Since this technology is still done on small scale, plans are underway to make it industrially applicable.

Plans are also underway to improve the materials so that sunlight can be utilized to trigger the reactions effectively. This technology is still in the development stage but there are hopes that it will lead to future technology that will solve many problems.

Tracking individuals simultaneously

Educational technology researchers have come up with a method of tracking hundreds of people all at once, giving the phrase “big brother is on the watch” a novel meaning. While this might sound like a thing that is from a futuristic spy movie, the technology is helpful in stopping suspicious behavior and predicting the potentiality of saving a lot of lives and the likelihood of dangerous movements of crowds.

Even though the method is not working in real-time, researchers have the hope that this algorithm will undergo improvement in future. Having the ability to track many people at once will prove to be a great step towards making sure that the security of the crowd in public areas is considered and identifying dangerous behavior.

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