The Top Reasons Why Truck Accidents Happen

The Top Reasons Why Truck Accidents Happen

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Truck accidents are very common wherever you go. The worst thing about truck accidents is that everyone involved will sustain heavy casualties. When this happens, you may need to get a truck accident lawyer to help you sort out the case. However, prevention is always better than cure, and it’ll be much simpler if a court case isn’t involved.

In order to prevent truck accidents, you first have to know the common causes associated with them.

  • Reckless Driving

This is the number one cause of accidents made by truck drivers. Truck drivers who drive too fast, don’t look at the road, or swerve around like they own the road are just waiting for an accident to happen. This is why other drivers must stay away from trucks while on the road.

  • Poor Truck Maintenance

If the truck doesn’t regularly go through maintenance, then obviously it will eventually give way. For example, if one of the wheels of a truck is about to wear out, getting a flat may potentially turn the truck over since it’s carrying a heavy load. This is why the truck owners themselves have to maintain the truck regularly to avoid any accidents.

  • Incorrect Loading of Cargo

Another common cause of truck accidents would be when the driver didn’t load the cargo properly. If the driver didn’t load the cargo well and didn’t tightly secure the door, the cargo will just fly out and hit the vehicle right behind you. It’s even worse if your truck is an open drop side pickup truck type with no enclosure.

Accidents by Other Drivers

Truck drivers aren’t always the ones at fault though. Sometimes the other drivers on the road are also equally guilty of causing the accident. Here are some situations where that is the case.

  • Reckless Driving on the Part of Other Drivers

If you try to cut a truck by driving really fast just to get in front of it, you could be in some serious danger. If the truck itself is moving fast and you do this, you might distract the driver or catch him off guard. Both of you will get into an accident in this case.

  • No-zone Driving

Driving in a no-zone simply means driving in a blind spot. If you drive in a spot where the truck driver can’t see you, obviously he or she won’t know you’re there. If there’s no visibility on the end of the driver, you could easily get hit.

  • Driving in Between Trucks

There are a lot of drivers who like to drive in between trucks for whatever reason. This is really dangerous because trucks drivers have limited vision when it comes to small vehicles. If you happen to drive between two big trucks, the trucks might actually squish you without them realizing.


These are 6 of the most common causes of truck accidents which are all easy to avoid. As you can see, it’s really easy to prevent truck accidents from happening if you just avoid getting yourself into these situations. Truck drivers and regular drivers alike have to be responsible for their safety on the road. This is why everyone must drive defensively to keep safe.

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