What types of insurance will my property and casualty insurance license allow me to sell?

What types of insurance will my property and casualty insurance license allow me to sell?

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Before you can even begin to participate in an insurance transaction, that is, sell, facilitate or solicit an insurance transaction, you must pass your state’s insurance licensing requirements. Note though, licensing requirements vary by state. .

Generally speaking, to earn an insurance license, the applicant must demonstrate an understanding of:

  • Policy structures, exclusions & limits
  • Contracts & endorsements
  • Terminology, covered perils & optional coverage, among other topics

Licensee applicants, before taking the state test, you are highly encouraged to attend a property and casualty insurance test review. When you have met the state’s credentials, you receive your license. This officially authorizes you to advise and sell a variety of insurance that have been designed to protect businesses and families. In the insurance world, there are many lines of insurance; this post details how you to meet your financial goals as a Property and Casualty agent.

What types of policies can be sold? 

Property and Casualty insurance licensees allow its holders to transact both Commercial and Personal lines of insurance.


Property insurance – coverage related to business-related equipment and property.

General Liability – protects business from exposure to legal liability related to business operations, legal contracts, etc. i

Auto insurance – auto insurance protects the risks that arise from the use of business related vehicles.

Business owners’ Coverage insurance – a customizable policy for businesses

Workers’ Compensation insurance is required by most states. It protects employees from work related injuries.

Miscellaneous Commercial insurance includes:

  • Losses due to robbery, burglary, or theft
  • Fidelity Bond coverage
  • Medical malpractice
  • Commercial Umbrella Liability
  • Farm property and liability insurance
  • Aviation insurance


 Auto insurance – this provide liability coverage (bodily injury and property damage to others) for auto losses that resulted from non-business use of specific types of vehicles

Miscellaneous Personal insurance includes:

  •  Jewelry, fine arts, cameras, etc.
  • Personal watercraft, such as boats and yachts
  • A personal umbrella liability insurance which supplements other policies
  • Flood insurance through the Federal Government’s nationwide flood insurance programs

Dwelling insurance – this type of coverage is offered for a residential home (not corporately owned) when another factor disqualifies the home for traditional home insurance.

Homeowners insurance – this policy provides both liability and property protection, which covers a residential principal property ownership and occupancy.

The Take-away

Licensed Insurance agents are in a position to generate unlimited earnings. But in order to do so, an individual must apply for a license and pass the state-mandated requirements before receiving their license. While state insurance licensing exams have a reputation of being arduous, an applicant can easily improve their chances of passing the state exam by participating in a property and casualty insurance test review.

Jim Ruby

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