What you need to know before installing a direct vent gas fireplace

What you need to know before installing a direct vent gas fireplace

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Traditional vs direct vent gas fireplace

The first difference between these two is the air used for combustion. A traditional gas fireplace uses the air inside the room to burn propane or the natural gas and then sends the fumes up through the flue and into the chimney. The air can rise through the flue due to the convention created. On the other hand, a direct vent gas fireplace uses outdoor air. It is fitted with a double vent pipe, with the outer chamber drawing in air for combustion while the inner chamber exhausts hot air. This creates a convection loop, where hot air exits and cool air is siphoned into the void to fill the vacuum. Direct vent gas fireplaces have their venting systems routed through the wall.

Traditional gas fireplaces can at times allow hot air to escape through gaps in the firebox. Also, backdraft of harmful air is common with the use of a traditional gas fireplace. Understanding the difference between these two types of fireplaces will help you make an informed decision on which one you should install.

Benefits of a direct vent gas fireplace
More efficient

Unlike traditional fireplaces, direct vent gas fireplaces convert most of the propane or natural gas into usable heat which makes them extremely efficient. As they are completely sealed with a glass door, heat loss is significantly reduced. This also ensures that heat is distributed evenly throughout the home eliminating cold spots.


They are safer than conventional fireplaces as no harmful air is eliminated through the flue, therefore, no risk of backdraft. Besides, air is enclosed within the airtight glass seal reducing the risk of carbon monoxide inhalation. The closed chamber keeps sparks from flying into the room thus reducing the risk of fire breakouts.

Direct vent gas fireplaces can be operated without electricity. This has made this type of fireplace very popular. Instead, regular batteries can be used, or in some cases, it is fitted with a self-generating millivolt framework.

More Versatile

They are very flexible and can be fitted anywhere within the home. The fact that you don’t need a chimney with this type of fireplace affords you the chance to be creative with its location. Should you be short of wall space, there are direct vent fireplaces that can be installed through the roof. Flexible vent systems allow for easy installations around obstacles such as beams and wall supports.

For three decades now, Ortal heat has been committed to offering efficient fire technologies to its clients. Over the years we have helped our clients realize more comfortable living spaces through our solutions. For direct vent gas fireplaces, contact us via (818)238-7000 and speak to one of our experts about an ideal design for your home.

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