Why broadband is always better

Why broadband is always better

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Connecting to the Internet and working or getting entertained is a snap with broadband. This article explains why your home needs broadband services.

Life without the Internet today is like living in darkness despite having a working power connection. It is difficult to imagine life without the humongous power of the digital medium. Not only does it connect you to the world at large, it helps you complete many personal errands as well. From shopping to bill payment, everything can be done over the Internet. At the same time, it also offers a host of options for your entertainment. You can watch movies, video clips, and even live sports matches using the Internet and a web-enabled device.

However, despite there being many options for connecting to the Internet, one stands out as the clear winner for the home: broadband Internet. Broadband services are an essential feature for your home, especially when there are multiple web-enabled devices in use amongst all family members.

Why broadband services are best for the home

Earlier users of home Internet used dial up connections – many still do. However, the dial up connection requires you to either use the landline or connect to the Internet at a time – you cannot do both at once. In contrast, a broadband connection lets you do both simultaneously, with one not having any effect on the other. Dial up connections also offer much slower speeds than broadband connections.

  • You get tremendously fast speeds with broadband services. Also, the upload and download functionalities are much better – these features are helpful for office set ups or those who wish to work from home periodically or every day. For example, Airtel broadband services offer speeds ranging from 100 Mbps to 300 Mbps, based on the monthly plan you choose. There is never any downtime and the connection is always on.
  • Broadband services are also much more cost effective when multiple devices are in use at the same location. For example, your house will have mobile phones and laptops/tabs for each person, at least one Kindle, a gaming console and other web-enabled devices. Instead of having a separate Internet connection for each (via mobile dongles or dedicated SIM cards) one broadband connection can service them all in the same monthly plan, at no additional cost. For example, Airtel broadband can connect up to 10 digital devices on one single connection!
  • Every provider today has a range of plans based on customer requirements. However, leading providers not only have a range of plans, but also attractive pricing, a host of excellent features and many add-on benefits. Hence, the monthly package becomes a winning combination for you.
  • Broadband connections help the younger members of the family access high quality educational materials from other geographical locations. For example, taking web tutorials in a subject of their choice, or an online class to learn a new skill, are possible using a high-speed, always-on broadband service.

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