Why Launch a Condo Website?

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As condo board people, all of us face similar challenges. How can we keep our costs lower? How can we ensure we are protecting our members’ legal rights to privacy? How can we improve communication? How can we organize ourselves when board people retire? How can we streamline our tasks?

Have you thought about moving your condo online? A condo website can alleviate most of the problems we face. With regards to discussing and being able to access information, the web is among the easiest, efficient and broadly used sources. Every year, increasing numbers of people understand online, and every year, the web evolves to provide more features and conveniences that may be easily adopted by condo boards and residents.

How can we safeguard our members’ legal rights to privacy?

Secure document storage could be a fundamental element of your condo website. Digitally stored documents reduce the requirement for paper copies, by offering content on member login pages, you are able to control access levels provided to each community member.

How can we improve communication?

Knowing people turn to the web for information, a condo website is a superb communication tool. It offers 24-hour use of details about community news and occasions, it’s a good way to publish bulletins (for example parking area maintenance or building painting), also it enables board people to talk about details about new initiatives and resolutions. Your website can include forums by which people can inquire from the board. Possibly you’ll decide to receive email notifications when news is printed or when issues are reported by your site. Essentially, condo websites bridge the communication gap that may frequently exist in bigger communities.

How can we stay organized once the board turns over?

Storing documents and correspondence online supplies a readily accessible archive for brand new board people. If you’ve ever needed to find a past president or perhaps a former property owner to retrieve an essential document, you likely recognize the advantages to become acquired by online document storage and retrieval.

How can we save money and time?

By posting information to some website, board people can eliminate postage and also the pricey printing of letters, notices and marketing materials. Door-to-door delivery also turns into a factor of history. By listing home rentals or purchase on the website, residents can help to save advertising costs. FAQ (Frequently Requested Question) pages might help cut lower the amount of calls, emails and letters to board people or property managers, supplying great cost-saving measures. And let’s say you sell ad space to local companies, your area site might even make money.

Why launch a condo website?

In order to save your board money and time

To facilitate document storage and also to safeguard private documents

To alleviate the transition and improve communication when board people retire

To enhance communication among board people, residents and proprietors

To supply your area with features they’ve already requested for, for example:

an open page to share the community’s public image

a celebration calendar so residents could possibly get out and meet their neighbours

online booking of the party room, guest suite or any other amenity

online forums or classifieds to help keep paper clutter from the common areas

contact details for that board of company directors

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